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Come and see our climbing holds on display in Grenoble 7 days per week. All models for sale are visible in our show room. Espace Vertical provides climbing walls with a surface area of more than 3750 square meters. Under this respect Espace Vertical is considered as one of the best references as regards indoor climbing.
You can purchase Espace Climbing Hold in Espace Vertical in Saint Martin d'Hères. Shipping is available.


  • 1985 : Birth of the very first climbing holds. Those holds look like real rock without any real grip quality.
  • 1992 : We started manufacturing climbing holds 3 years before the first Espace Vertical Climbing Gym opened. That was the era of soft shapes. The New Climber generation was looking for perfect moves. Espace Vertical team has shaped its own holds, volumes and walls since 1995.
  • 2012 : Climbing style has moved towards more efficiency and shapes have become more and more complex. Holds must be grabbed in the correct way depending on orientation.
  • 2013 : Birth of Espace Hold brand.
  • 2018 : As balance and coordination are now necessary skills for indoor climbing, holds have become bulkier.