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Espace HoldsTechnical

Espace Climbing Holds comply with EN 12572-3 european norms. They take full advantage of the very last technological progress as regards material safety and resistance. Each hold can be traced thanks to a serial number set out at the back.

User is fully responsible for misuse or set-up errors. User must check that Espace Climbing Holds are properly used. Espace Climbing Holds must be set-up by qualified persons using proper tools. They must be used on clean and dry wooden or concrete walls. Climbing holds and mounting brackets are subject to thermal expansion.

Periodic checks are recommended so as to avoid hold spinning. Every cracked hold must be trashed. Every defect on hold must conduct to its reject. Cleaning E Space climbing holds with acid is not advised. It's better to use high pressure cleaner.

Our guarantees

  • E Safety: In case of climbing hold break, pieces stay together thanks to e-safety system. (all holds from M size are equipped with e-safety system).
  • E PU Dannomond: Our big holds are made of Dannomond Polyurethan. Dannomond PU provides lightness and makes climbing holds set-up easier. It ensures a more cohesive fitting to walls.
  • E PU Dannomond Reducer: Bulky holds are gutted to make them lighter.
  • E PE CX200: Small and intermediate climbing holds are made of Polyester. Polyester is strong enough and provides a feel close to that of real rock.
  • E PE CX200 Reducer : CX200 Reducer Polyester reduces hold weight and still provides the feel of real rock.

Espace HoldsTechnical

By distributing screw pressure on a wide area, our E-insert system allows either CHC screws (cylinder head cap screws) or FHC screws (Flat head cap screw).

It's better to use a torque wrench. Best settings are:
  • 10Nm for sizes S to XS
  • 20Nm for sizes M to L
  • 30Nm for sizes XL to XXL
Impact wrench is not advised. The main 12mm diameter hole is designed for fixing climbing hold to the wall. Screw lenghts are given for 10mm diameter CHC screws. Please allow 5 more millimeters for FHC screws. To avoid hold spinning, please add VBA screw (up to 5 mm diameter) into the additional hole.

Screws are not included.